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...just had a very pleasant weekend in the West Midlands - went to Auto Assembly with Sarah yesterday, met up with blazingskies and her friend roguish_scholar, generally had a good time. I would really class myself as a Transformers fan, but I was reading Sarah's copy of SImon Furman's Infiltration on the way up and thought it was rather brilliant. So when I spotted the three follow-up graphic novels that she was after, it wasn't only her I was thinking of when I bought them...

Also bought some of the Spotlight comic books, as well as All Hail Megatron (worth it just for the The Killing Joke cover pastiche...), a couple of the Star Wars/Transformers crossover toys, and some miscellaneous prints and badges by Kat Nicholson, who'd done some really lovely stuff based on the Transformers: Animated series (is this just wonderful or what???).

Then today we went to the Severn Valley Railway, which was a pleasant way of spending the afternoon, although by the time we'd travelled from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, then had lunch at a rather pleasant little restaurant (where the hi-fi was playing a rather intriguing, and almost bizarrely good, jazz/swing cover of Van Halen's Jump), then returned to Kidderminster, it was about 5:00pm, and so we didn't get back down to Essex until pretty late.

Oh, and I've just done a slightly daft TF icon...



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