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I've seen three films in the space of a little over a fortnight, which by my standards is something of a record.

Prince Caspian...as with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, I felt they were trying a little too hard to capture the tone of the Lord of the Rings movies, which (if my memory of the books is accurate) doesn't really seem to suit the subject matter. I mean, yes, the Narnia books are fantasy, but they're tonally different to LoTR. That aside, I felt it was a good film, well acted. Not sure about Ben Barnes' accent, but he did a good job and I'm looking forward to seeing him in the new adap of Dorian Grey. And the Pevensie kids were good too.

Mamma Mia...just brilliant. I mean, okay, the plot wasn't exactly anything substantial, but if anything that was its strength - it was clear, straightforward, and I knew what was happening. The songs were, mostly, ones I recognised from Abba: Gold (although there were a couple that weren't on that collection, and were therefore a bit new to me). Say what you like about Abba, they knew how to write catchy, singable songs, and here were most of them in one two hour chunk. Well acted, mostly well sung (although I wasn't 100% sure about Pierce Brosnan's singing voice), lots of humour, lots of fizz and sparkle, and a great night out for anyone. (Well, it probably helps if you like Abba, and if you actively dislike them then this film might not be for you...)

The Dark Knight suffered, IMO, from a rather convoluted plot. It wasn't that there were plotholes, just that what could have a straightforward, fairly linear narrative suffered too much from going off at tangents without any clear explanations in a couple of places. Still, as a summer action blockbuster it was pretty good, on the whole. Some great acting, especially from Eric Roberts, Michael Caine, and Aaron Eckhart. Maggie Gylenhaal had disappointingly little to do apart from look pretty (she managed that well, but I'd have preferred her to have actually had a more substantial role), and Gary Oldman was rather good and made me think of Sirius Black, which is no bad thing. It's rather clichéd to mention Heath Ledger, so I will - he gave a brilliantly twisted, frightening, unsettling performance as the Joker (my favourite shot was of him dressed as a nurse walking away from the hospital and setting off explosions; the fistfight in the interrogation room between him and Batman was also rivetting). However, I didn't feel that there was much in the way of clear motivation for his character. He just seemed to have delighted in being mischievous and evil without any real reason to do so - I've have preferred at least some kind of back story motivation in keeping with the traditional Red Hood one. I suppose it's possible the filmmakers were holding that back for another sequel. Anyway - all things considered, not a bad film, but I think I prefer The Killing Joke...


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