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Vague musing...

...following something that one of my Flisters was mentioning in their LJ...

If you are, or someone you know is, having a Civil Partnership ceremony, do you call it a wedding, or do you call it a Civil Partnership ceremony, or what? I mean, it's a wedding in all but name, and "wedding" is quicker to say/write, but I suppose it's not quite pedantically accurate.

OTOH, since a Civil Partnership is a marriage in all but name, why not just have done wi'it and call it a marriage? I know, it's taken us goodness knows how long of gay rights campaigning just to reach this stage in the proceedings, so I shouldn't be too impatient, but...I dunno. Just musing.

In other news, just watched the alternate episode 11 ending and accompanying mini-doc on the Heroes series 2 DVD. New Heroes! Yay! And the third season starts next month sometime (along with series 4 of Supernatural). Apparently the BBC is likely to be broadcasting the new series 3 eps within about a week of their US broadcasts. Which is good news.

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