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...some Spooks: Code 9 musings (hidden under a cut in case it counts as spoilery...)

  • The strapline - "For Queen - For Country - For Kicks" - kind of assumes Britain will still have a queen in five years time. She's not exactly young...

  • Will there be a new series of Spooks, or is this spin-off replacing it?

  • <checks> Oh goodie, there will! And with Richard Armitage...

  • Is the parent series therefore going to start building to the event (nuclear attack during the Olympic games) that leads to the spin-off series? In which, case that's giving the parent series a limited lifespan...

  • Am I alone in finding the scenario behind the series - London has been evacuated, large chunks of the population have been moved up north and these curfews and relocations camps and vague hints of a bit of a fascistic state in place - not a little dissimilar to Doctor Who Turn left?

  • Joanne Frogatt is rather cute. So why kill her off? Mmph.

  • Georgia Moffett is also rather cute.

  • Liam Boyle's not bad either.


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