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Had a good weekend...

...went up to see blazingskies, also met with some of her friends, some of whom I'd met before, at least one of whom I hadn't. Friday evening was spent watching Yu-Gi-Oh - The Abridged Series (I may even have to watch the full length version, although after the abridged version it may be a disappointment...).

Saturday I slept in until about 10:00am, then chilled for most of the day whilst Becky introduced me to ReBoot, which I loved (it's pure geek heaven!).

Then the evening was spent watching Neverwhere - there were eight of us, some of whom had either seen the programme or read the book, some of whom had done neither. I'm pretty sure I'd not seen it since it was originally on the TV (although I think I taped it off-air, I don't think I've got the tape any more...if I have, I think I'll be watching it again soon...). Bloody fantastic piece of TV. Despite being unfilmised it looked brilliant, great acting (a whole slew of people who either should have been in Doctor Who or have been - we were all pleasantly surprised to see Tamsin Greig in there). (Incidentally, it's been suggested that I really ought to watch Black Books at some time). There was one bit of plot that I kind of felt didn't really make sense, although all my viewing companions assured me it did.

I hope there's some sort of fanfic to follow on the story ('cos I'm totally shipping Richard/Door). And a Neverwhere RPG would be a totally good idea, and Becky would be the ideal person to run it (whatever Becky thinks..!), especially at the next con at which Neil Gaiman is guest of honour. *g* And I'm going to re-read the novelisation soon (ideally once I've finished reading a few more of the books in my rather large pile of books to be read...). I might try to get hold of the "author's preferred text" version.

Although watching Neverwhere again hasn't exactly done anything for my goal of experiencing more of Neil's work this year, it's certainly confirmed that I'm becoming more of a fan of his stuff.

And I think we're all in agreement that, why yes, the Marquis de Carabas is made of awesome.

The Neverwhere-thon was accompanied by pizza and was followed by a trip to Corporation, which was good fun - not the sort of thing I'd normally do, but I'm really glad I suggested it. Admittedly, most of the music wasn't quite my thing, but it was pretty good stuff, and when the classic rock room got into a bit of an '80s cheese fest (Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine, Whitesnake's Here I Go Again, Europe's The Final Countdown, as well as Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark and The Darkness's I Believe in a thing called love, neither of which are technically '80s cheese but both of which I know and like), I may even have danced (translation: stood on the spot and moved vaguely in time to the music) a bit. There is, to the best of my knowledge, no visual proof of this so please don't bother asking...).

By the time we left (at about 2:45am) it was chucking it down (it had been earlier. Indeed it may not have stopped) and we dashed straight for a cab.

I tried to sleep in on Sunday, but I'm not terribly good at sleeping past sunrise (so Saturday morning was a bit of a fluke) and anyway, I needed to get going for my coach back from Meadowhall. As soon as I got to the tram stop a coach pulled up, which was useful. I then had about an hour to kill at Meadowhall as I'd allowed rather a lot of time (yes, Sarah, I can arrive early...). And the coach made it back rather quickly (due at 5:30pm, reached London Victoria at 5:00pm), probably because the driver was going rather quickly and apparently ignoring the traffic. *ahem*

But that meant I reached Barking fairly early and enjoyed a bit of a shnuggle with Sarah before she took me back to Chelmsford. Tim wasn't in (he'd been to see Sam and off to a Lions meeting). I watched Spooks: Code 9 and then headed for bed.

Oh, whilst at Becky's I flicked through one of her .hack manga books, and have decided to check out some of the anime, probably (at Becky's suggestion as a good starting point) .hack//Sign. This will achieve one of my other aims for the year, of watching some anime.

An enjoyable weekend.


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