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Pottering about with books...

So, I've been having a wonderful time lately adding a tiny percentage of my book collection to LibraryThing ("134 books" sounds like a lot until you realise just how vast an amount are still left to be added...). Also being terribly pedantic ('cos I am) about getting the cover of each book to be exactly the same cover as the one I've got or read (not always easy/possible), and also wanting the covers on the site not to look horribly pixellated when viewed at large size, so quite often resorting to taking stacks of books round to my mum's (the only person I know with a scanner) and scanning them in at a respectable size.

And then flicking through the books and thinking, gosh, I remember this...

And realising it's been over a year since the Harry Potter summer of fandom, and reading the opening pages of Ms Rowling's wonderful prose and thinking, actually, it really is high time I gave these a re-read. It'll be fun to pick up on all the clues which probably didn't mean much at the time, to experience the fun and the excitement and the adventure again, to explore the whole Remus/Sirius relationship (still my OTP) from the canon source...

So I might just do that in the not-too-distant.

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