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Am rather miffed...

...that I'd forgotten that Can't Stop The Serenity London is tomorrow. Sarah & I have a nice day at home planned (although...would you want to go, hun? It's in a good cause, after all), but there's also the financial thing (I'm basically a bit strapped for cash until payday, which is next Friday).

As it is, I'm trying to decide between a choice of possibilities for the weekend of November 7th - the HP House Party 08 weekend, or Mitch Benn at the local theatre. Financially, the latter makes much more sense, but I'd really love a geeky weekend away with fellow fen, and it's not as if I can't see Mitch elsewhere (he's playing at the Bloomsbury Theatre on October 15th, after all).

It's so difficult to decide.

Also, on October 8th, Benjamin Cook and some TV writer (*g*) are signing copies of this book at Waterstones Piccadilly. Almost bizarrely, Sarah doesn't want to attend (despite the fact that it's just down the road from her place of employ), but I'd love to.

In other news, my ankle is still rather sore from Sunday's accident, but getting better. I do still have some nice bruises, and although they're dying down there should still be some nice ones left to show Sarah tomorrow.

Death is Forever arrived yesterday, which is nice - given a choice between upwards of about £15:00 on eBay, and under £5:00 (including postage) from the Amazon marketplace, I know which I prefer. I'll try to pick up the other three Gardner novels (or novelisations, in the case of Goldeneye) that I'm missing over the next few weeks. And also By Royal Command.

Also, my driving license form arrived in the post - I'd almost despaired of it arriving, and had asked mum to pick it up for me if she was near a post office, so I now have two copies. I'm a.) updating the address on my old licence (which still had the parental address on it), b.) replacing a lost licence, and c.) renewing a paper licence with a photo licence. So, erm. I shall hopefully get that filled in over the weekend.

Oh, and Supernatural Series 4 has started! Yay! (No, I've not seen the opening episode. Do. Not. Spoil. Me.)


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