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Hotel rec

As I was a bit late booking for Connotations, I ended up not in the Park Hotel, but in a hotel down the road in Whitley Bay, which I'd found after a quick Yellow Pages search for hotels in the area and then sending a few emails round. Always a risk going for a hotel pretty much sight unseen (I mean, I'd seen the website, but that was it). Sometimes I've ended up in places that are, to be frank, grotty dives (the one Sarah and I stayed at in Stockton for Dimensions three years back, say no more).

However, this one was an absolute joy - a pleasant building, well decorated, a friendly welcome, helpful staff, good service, good value for money, and just generally, in every way possible, it helped to make the weekend an enjoyable one. So, can I just say, if ever you're looking for somewhere to stay in the Whitley Bay area, The Northumbria Hotel would be a really good place to stay.

I'm already thinking in terms of the area in general, and the hotel in particular, as being a possible place for Sarah and I to go for the "a few days getting away from it all" break we're going to need after the wedding (this isn't the honeymoon per se, just a necessary break).

But anyway, yes, I really can't recommend the hotel highly enough.

Oh, and a pic I took of the view out at Whitley Bay:

Doesn't quite do it justice, but really, lovely.

Oh, and on the subject of which, this store is just next to the station in Whitley Bay and has possibly the worst pun of a name ever. Although "The Goodbarber" (with a logo based on that for The Godfather) runs it a very close second...


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