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List number one.

List of progs/films/books to explore now that I'm back from Connotations - either pimped at the Pimp session, or more casually, or just mentioned in a way that got me interested.

  • The State Within. I think it was fides who was discussing this and showing us some screenshots. I've always thought it sounded a fairly interesting programme and I'm not sure why I didn't watch it at the time, so, heh, one to watch.
  • Traveler. Because it's got the guy who plays Bryce Larkin in Chuck in it, and he's cute. And it sounds interesting.
  • Charlie Jade. Been meaning to check it out since SFX gave away the first ep on a free DVD a year or two back. At one of the panels, one of the attendees was praising it to the hilt.
  • The Lair. Gay vampires in a nightclub. What's not to like?
  • Stargate Atlantis. Just because it's so hugely popular (at least among the Connotations attendees) that I really think I'll understand some of the conversatons a lot better if I'm at least familiar with it.
  • Dante's Cove. Well, having won a fifth share in a boxed set of the DVDs, it would seem daft not to check it out.
  • A Touch of Frost. On a non-Connotations related note, I still haven't quite got over visiting my gran a few years back and her watching this on the telly and saying "I don't suppose you'll like it." W, T, and indeed F??? Anyway, definitely in the "fandoms I so didn't expect to see represented at Connotations" category (along with Chas/Morph, frankly...), there was a lovely little fanvid showing that actually it does have a rather slashy potential to it. (Anyone got a link to that anywhere? I'd love to see it again...)
  • The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. Seems rather deliciously crack-tastic and, on the whole, right up my street.
  • Primeval. Some eps were playing when I arrived on the Friday, and quite frankly, in a similar way to SGA, I feel I'll be missing out if I don't.
  • Skins. I've seen bits of it already, but not really been greatly bothered. However, at the pimp session Fuchsia was pointing out that it's really rather slashy on a Tony/Sid axis. Think I may check it out. On the bright side, 'tis available for free on 4oD. On the less bright side, that's a fat lot of good as I've got a Mac.
  • The Middleman. Pimped by fides at the pimp session. Sounds joyously geeky. Saw bit of some episodes that had been showing earlier, and sort of half fell in love with it then.
  • Shelter. Pimped at the pimp session. Two hot surfer dudes make out. What's not to like? (Shallow? Moi?)
  • Twilight. Okay, it was mainly mentioned in the "why do people still publish crap novels" panel, which is hardly a recommendation. And okay, it appears to have some iffy gender politics, and Edward's a stalker and the age difference between him and Bella makes it really rather ultra iffy, but I've been curious about this series for a while now and I'm still rather keen to check it out. However, I'll try to keep my critical faculties turned on, though...

Things I might not check out, on the other hand:

  • Noah's Arc. Saw a couple of episodes at the post-con wind-down, and, erm, the acting was just dire, and it seemed to be pandering to as many gay stereotypes as is humanly possible. Horrible.
  • Queer as Folk (US). Have been meaning to check it out for a while, but have been talked out of it by Moth, on the grounds that it's rubbish, which has saved me time and money. Will, however, be giving the UK series a re-watch in the not-too-distant, because I've not see it in yonks and frankly, it still rocks.

May be checking out some of the bad fanfic, some of which was sort of kind of but not quite "so bad it's risibly funny". And sometimes, y'know, I just need a laugh. And to feel superior.

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