David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Unwell girlfriend

huntingospray is an ill bunny at the moment. :o( She seems to have come down with the dreaded workplace lurgy that has already affected her colleagues. She's lost her voice, pretty much (I gave her a call earlier and she wasn't able to say much). Hugs & prayers for her would, of course, be appreciated.

I'm in two minds about what to do tomorrow. I took the time off work primarily to go to London for the signing that's taking place at Waterstone's Piccadilly - Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook signing The Writer's Tale. But OTOH, it's not going to be a particularly cheap day (RRP for the book is £30:00 - no idea what Waterstone's are charging - and the return/Travelcard to London is over £16:00 these days), and it's not a book I'm desperately fussed about, and I've already met them both and have their scribbles on books, and *meh*.

In really exciting news, my sister's new baby will be born...any day now. So we're all in a state of readiness. It's my mum's birthday next Friday, so we could be having a double celebration.
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