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Random stuff

Sarah has arrived in America, where she will be for the next week or so 'cos of work.

I'm feeling, if not depressed, certainly rather down right now. I don't know if there's a direct correlation between the two facts, but I do know that by the time Sarah gets back from America I won't have seen her for well over three weeks, which is highly unusual for us - I stayed with her before setting off for Connotations, but then didn't see her during the weekend of Connotations itself, obviously, nor the weekend after as she still had her cold. Given that we normally see each other every weekend, yeah.

But it's more general stuff than that, really - that sort of thing of not being able to go anywhere or do anything (or listen to any music) without being reminded of the past - stuff involving Jane, my time at uni, that sort of thing. I wish it would go away and stop bothering me. I mean, I enjoyed it, on the whole - yes, there were some negatives, but most of it was a really happy time in my life. But being reminded of it all the time just makes me miss it all the more.

In other news, my sister Antonia's new child still hasn't arrived yet, but could arrive any day now. Tomorrow is my mum's xxth birthday, and I'd quite like it if the new baby would arrive tomorrow, but Antonia would like it to just get a bloody move on.

Might or might not be joining Tim quizzing tonight, and on Saturday me and mum & stepdad are going to a quiz together. On the 25th, will be spending some time seeing avonette and her friend for a chat about faith and stuff, and will hopefully be seeing Sarah some time that weekend as she flies back to the UK on the 24th.

Tim's off to see Bill Bailey tomorrow night. I was thinking about going to see Mitch Benn last night and/or Toby Hadoke tomorrow night, but have sort of passed on both, as I'm very tight for cash for the rest of the month thanks to overspending a bit at the start of the month.

Speaking of which (as it's one of the things that contributed to my overspending) can I just do a little promotion for hphouseparty08, which will involve a group of (in theory) Harry Potter fans (but in reality it doesn't really matter if that's your fandom or not) going to Tintagel for the weekend of November 7th - 9th, staying in the Youth Hostel there, walking along cliffs in Boscastle, possibly visiting the Museum of Witchcraft, and generally having a fannish good time. Costs £50:00 (to cover the cost of renting the hostel), + £7:00 if you plan on partaking of the communcal alcohol whilst there, and however much it'll cost you to get down there. Looks like being a great weekend, and the more the merrier (in addition to which, the more people make it, the less likely that the person organising it will end up out of pocket), so if that sounds like your cup of tea, pop along and sign up.

Think that's all for the time being.

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