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The weekend.

So, Sarah flew back in from the States on Friday, and we finally got together on Saturday. Didn't do much - just popped down to Subway for lunch, and then spent most of the afternoon shnuggling in each other's arms and falling asleep. Sometimes while Sarah was asleep I did a bit of housework and video work - I've been cataloguing some of my old tapes with a view to importing them into the Mac and burning them to DVD-R; amongst the things I've found are several series of HIGNFY, and Alpha - Will it change their lives?, which isn't as bad as I remember it being (and does anyone have the follow-up from a couple of years back, Alpha - Did it change their lives??).

In the evening Sarah went back to Chorleywood, and I had a spot of dinner before going out quizzing with mum and Malcolm and some of our regular quiz colleagues. This one was at Springfield Community Centre and was in aid of the Wildlife Trust. We didn't do fantastically well - although in fairness, there were three rounds where we got full marks (I pulled some choice answers out of the hat on the entertainments round...), but those were offset by others in which we did rather less well.

Got a fairly late night, even allowing for the fact that the clocks were going forward, and woke up fairly late on Sunday morning. I'd planned on going to church but didn't. *rats* Instead I had a fairly idle morning, but eventually popped into London for meeting some friends for a chat and general socialising. That was enjoyable, although getting there was rather less so on account of there being some engineering on the line and a replacement bus between Chelmsford and Romford, which added somewhat to the journey time; as I was really a bit later than I wanted to be, that was a nuisance, although I managed to make up a bit of the time by getting a train instead of a bus from Liverpool Street.

Going back was a combination of worse (because it was so darned late, and I was pretty much falling asleep on occasions) and better (because it was darned late, there was so little traffic on the A12; I decided to bung on Electronic's Getting Away With It 12" single on my iPod shortly after we rolled out of Romford, and it was just about finishing as we reached the Widford industrial estate, which was pretty good going).

Got to bed very late (gone 1:00am).

Tim's away for the next few days (he and Sam left for the Isle of Mann on Friday, and are officially coming back on Thursday, although he pointed out that that depends on what the ferry's doing). I'm hoping to be a bit productive in terms of housework, although tonight we've got someone coming round to give a quote on replacing the boiler, followed by quiz evening on the telly (UniChall followed by Only Connect. ETA: And Spooks. Face it, I'm not going to get anything done tonight...), and tomorrow I've a driving lesson straight after work, after which I'm going on a Sainsbury's trip on account of a.) the larder is bare and b.) I get paid tomorrow.

If I can get tickets, I'm taking mum to see Quantum of Solace on Friday. Didn't get tickets for Neil Gaiman at the LSE, which is disappointing. Saturday in theory Sarah and I have video/audio work to do for First Sunday (ETA: although I'd still like to go to the Gareth David-Lloyd signing at The Stamp Centre), and on Sunday Sarah will presumably be heading down to Barking to run the A/V for First Sunday, whilst I might be popping to Highgate to see my dad and any of the family who are around (I'll hopefully leave early enough that any problems on the trains won't affect me too much).

Mind you, had an email from Coffee, Cake and Kink to say they're finally closing up shop in Endell Street on Sunday. Anyone want to have a get together there at some point between now and Sunday? We were chatting yesterday about how, quite frankly, the whole point of CCK is that it's a social space, and really it's a shame that (hopefully only for the time being) it's switching to being an online shop, which is just totally not the same thing...

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