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Quantum of Solace, and last night in general

Took mum to see Quantum of Solace last night. Enjoyed it, on the whole, although I think I need to see it again, ideally preceded by Casino Royale. But anyway, it was a good strong film, IMO.

Some interesting films trailered beforehand, including The Boat That Rocked which I think I have to go and see, and also Twilight, which I've made up my mind to give a go (both the books and the film), even though some of the things people have said about the books haven't been entirely favourable.

No Half-Blood Prince trailer, but hey, I don't need a trailer to get me to go and see that... :o)

Before going to the cinema I treated mum to fish & chips and saw the latest episode of Merlin on Catch-Up TV (Virgin TV's on demand service, that includes iPlayer). Enjoyed that. (Julian Rhind-Tutt for the eleventh Doctor..?) i've now seen as many episodes as I've missed, but I want to see the other episodes (2, 4 and 5) and then get into watching it regularly, as I do enjoy it.

And then back home I watched HIGNFY, which Tim had recorded. Tom Baker was his usual bonkers self. Good fun.

Sarah's coming round later today. Looking forward to seeing her. I realised that Thursday was four years to the day since she and I first met in that queue outside Tenth Planet. I don't think that's really the anniversary we celebrate, but even so, it's a notable date.

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