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Sarah and I met up with Alina, an old friend of Sarah's (IIRC from her school days) and Alina's husband Terry, to go to Rainham Marshes, where we had a pleasant wander round - nothing wildly exciting, but an enjoyable day of seeing the scenery and the birds. After we'd done the walk round the marshes themselves, and spent some time in the tea room (I had a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich, which was positively yummy) and the gift shop (I bought a couple of the RSPB robins-that-if-you-squeeze-them-make-a-real-robin-sound, one for Jakob as I'd been going to get it for his first birthday and the local shop that sold the things never made good on its promise to get one in stock, and one for me just because), we went for a little wander along the Thames in the general direction of Barking. That bit was in a way even better than the walk round the marshes, mainly 'cos, with the tide going out, we could just make out the remains of the mediaeval sea wall defences.

I'd kind of vaguely like to go on the Christmas ramble they're doing there. Sarah?

I'd done a lot of walking (by my standards) and was pretty shattered by the time I got home, so I spent a bit of time in bed before watching Merlin, which was good fun, although I'd love to know how much of it bears any resemblance to the real Arthurian legends. And how much of the real Arthurian legends bears any resemblance to reality. It's one of those sort of things that you just sort of assume is true, really - or at least I always have. It's kind of odd to think that one of the most written-about times in British history might not really have happened.

Oh well. Time to get some dinner ready, then Outnumbered is on at 9:05pm, and despite not having watched all of the first series, I'm rather looking forward to that.

btw, Sarah - nablopomo!


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