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Miscellaneous post...

...ahead of the downtime later today.

Glad I made a point of watching Outnumbered on Saturday, because it really was terrific - cringe-inducing comedy at its finest, up there with Fawlty Towers and Joking Apart. Better than what I've seen of the first series, I think I'd go so far as to say.

Sarah, as those of you who follow her blog will know, had some issues with flooding on Sunday, so I ended up at home chilling. Which I think I needed.

Yesterday I watched the latest Sarah Jane Adventure on the CBBC channel, and...oh wow. Possibly the best Doctor Who-related thing that I've seen for ages. Some lovely fannish squee moments("never in one place long enough to lick a stamp"..?!!), brilliant character work, great writing and direction.

Have a fair bit of stuff to catch up on tonight, including Stephen Fry in America (I've not seen the last three episodes, I think) and last night's Spooks from BBC3. With LJ down, and Christianforums not loading on my computer, I should be able to find the time for that!

ETA: In other news: bloody hell, it's freezing. And that's with the heating on...

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