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Two completely disconnected things.

Firstly, thanks to a discussion over on doctorwho, I've got images of Jack Davenport as the 11th Doctor. Now that could be good...

Secondly, y'know how sometimes I flashback? A little scene from my past will spring unbidden to my mind's eye, and it either fuels my depression or it's a symptom of it. Anyway...

Today something slightly different happened. I saw something totally unrelated to anything that's happened to me in the past - just an idyllic scenario. Something I really hope happens.

Me and Sarah, walking through an autmnal park, pushing a pushchair. In which was, presumably, a baby.

I mean, I've always wanted to be a father, and although ironically I've sort of had second thoughts since becoming an uncle (the whole, how can I put it, bodily waste matter thing isn't exactly enticing..!), I think that fatherhood would be nice. Don't know if I'd make a good father, but hey, one thing at a time...

So anyway. Yeah. Nice picture in my mind.

Oh, and I showed a couple of my work colleagues the pictures that Sarah and I had taken of us last week, and they commented favourably on them, and one of them said I looked handsome in them. *blushes*

I think I'm in a good mood right now.

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