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Also on Sunday night...

...watched the latest episode of Merlin (that show just gets slashier by the episode...I desperately want a Merlin/Arthur icon with the text "so shagging"). Recognised Joe Dempsie from somewhere. I can only suppose (having checked on wiki) that it's from his appearance in The Doctor's Daughter.

Also watched Eddington and Einstein, which was really rather good. I mean, I love David Tennant anyway, so I may be biased, but I thought both he and Andy Serkis put in good performances (nice to see Jodhi May in there too), and quite frankly I want to know more about Eddington, who seems to be the sort of person I can respect a lot. I'm quite interested in the Quakers anyway, so I may be slightly biased in this too.

Tonight I shall hopefully be watching last night's BBC3 episode of Spooks (if Tim remembered to tape it). However, am rather miffed that (admittedly rather predictably) the eighth and final episode won't be on BBC3 next Monday, instead being saved up for BBC1 the following week. Meh. Two whole weeks for new Spooks is so not fair.


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