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...was positively fantastic. I mean, yes, from a fangeekish point of view it was great (row F! Six flippin' rows from the front! And I swear Mr Tennant looked right at me at one point...), but more than that, as a piece of theatre, it was just marvellous, superb performances, a wonderfully nuanced reading of the text. It helped that it's one of the few Shakespeare plays that I've studied, so I was fairly up to speed on what was happening, unlike when Sarah and I went to see The Tempest a while back and most of the time I was either a.) not hearing what was being said (we were right at the back when we saw it, both in Stratford and at the Novello) or b.) not understanding what I did hear. But yeah, this was clear and concise and understandable.

Also very much a modernised take on the play. To the extent that in the closet scene, instead of pulling out a knife and stabbing Polonius, Hamlet pulled out a gun and shot him. Which led to an interesting effect - the rear wall of the stage consisted of a mirrored backdrop, which appeared to have been heavily fractured after the gunshot. I'd assumed it was just some sort of lighting effect, but it seemed to be a practical effect, as they stayed that way for the rest of the play. They can't effectively destroy three or four thirty foot high mirrors every night, can they? 'Twould cost a fortune, surely. But that seems to be what they did. *scratchhead*

But yes, a wonderful, wonderful night's theatre. If you get the chance to see it during the rest of its run (I know tickets are sold out, but I got this ticket because a friend of a friend of Becky's had had to pull out at the last minute, so I'm sure it's not impossible for similar things to happen, and also they're making available some tickets on the day of performance), do go and see it! You won't regret it, I promise you!

Apart from that, it was generally a good weekend (great to see Becky again, also was introduced to her friend Vicky (countesszero) who is a massive Transformers fan so no doubt Sarah & I will see her at AutoAssembly, and met Misha for the first time in an age). And Sarah and I have sorted out most of this year's Christmas cards, which feels really rather organised. (Anybody else who'd like a card from us, feel free to add your name and address to...the post where I've offered to send cards.)

Speaking of the theatre, I'm going to see Spamalot with my mum as my birthday treat on Sunday 20th (it closes a couple of weeks later). I'm looking forward to that. :o)

I really am the luckiest guy in the world - Sarah is such a wonderful fiancée, and I've got terrific friends and a lovely family. *bounces*

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