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Writer's Block: Untimely Passing

RIP John Lennon. The list of sudden and unexpected celebrity deaths is long—Princess Di, Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, and many more. Which one affected you the most on an emotional level?

Undoubtedly for me, Charlotte Coleman. I'd been a fan of hers since the late '70s, when she appeared in Worzel Gummidge, and I ended up following her career through Marmalade Atkins, Oranges are not the only fruit, Four weddings and a funeral, and many other TV and film appearances. When she appeared in a play in London in 1991, I went to see it - seven times in all, as the tickets we so cheap - and met her after the performances, and chatted with her. We exchanged a couple of letters, and eventually I set up a website about her. I wouldn't say we ever got to know each other particularly well, but when I heard of her death, it felt like I'd lost a friend. I still miss her loads. I wish I had the time and resources to keep the website better updated, to be honest. What's rather touching is that her family have seen it, and like it.
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