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Assorted miscellany.

Well, that was a long day. Up at five, left the house at 6:30, got to Nottingham on time and on the train I'd had a seat reservation for (this could be a record for me), got back to St Pancras in good time after killing a bit of time in the Nottingham shopping centre picking up some Christmas cards for m'nearest and dearest, but then decided to do a bit of shopping in London (another pressie for huntingospray, and I picked up a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard) and had a Nando's. Got in 5 minutes ago, exhausted, but not too exhausted to blog (because, priorities, right folks?).


Waterstone's in Oxford Street, the one near Tottenham Court Road tube station, has a whole section labelled "Paranormal Romance". This a.) sounds like a wonderfully precise name for a genre, and b.) sounds like the sort of genre I'd quite like.

Also, has anybody else seen the cover of the latest Lucifer Box novel? 'Cos seriously, is that a pitch perfect pastiche of the early Bond hardback covers or what? Lovely. High time I picked up a copy of The Vesuvius Club.

Christmas double issue of Radio Times is out, and...oh, smeg. Just glue me to a seat in front of the TV for the duration, because, quite frankly, why would I want to bother moving? There really is a ton of good stuff on this year.


Sad to hear of David Tennant's back injury causing him to pull out of performances of Hamlet. Hope he gets better asap.

Even sadder to hear the news of Oliver Postgate's death. :o( As a committed pacifist and conscientious objector, and the creator of some of my favourite childhood memories, he'll always be a hero of mine. I recommend his autobiography to anyone who hasn't read it.

And on a random note, am I alone in thinking that last night's Spooks may have been written by a fan of the SIsters of Mercy, or at least their less musical side-project The Sisterhood? 2-5-0-0-2-5, Finland Red Egypt White, and Rain from heaven, all cropped up in a very short space of time in that episode, and I'm sure if I watched with my full attention I could pick up some other references... (Did anyone utter the word "Jihad" at any time in the episode?)


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