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Two sources of annoyance.

I'd bought mum her Christmas present - the new Who do you think you are? book.

And then m'stepdad goes and gets her a subscription to the Who do you think you are? magazine, and guess what comes as a free gift with the subscription?


Then this morning, I was converting one of my tapes (Hely-Hutchinson's Carol Symphony, specifically, which I'd thought had gone missing but then surfaced when I was tidying up a few weeks ago) to mp3, but there's lots of crackle and drop-out - I think it must have been the power lead for the tape player being a bit loose, simple to rectify, but it means having to do it all over again.


On the bright side - seeing Sarah tonight. Wa-hey! And work is busy, just the way I like it, sorting out the pharmacy rotas for the holiday period.

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