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Christmas meme

Gacked from r_scribbles

Who would you most like to find waiting for you underneath the mistletoe?
Sarah. No question.

It never feels like Christmas until....
Hearing a Salvation Army band playing all the traditional carols does it for me.

What is your favourite Christmas song?
See my previous post for the Youtube links!

What are you hoping Santa is bringing you this year?
In terms of presents, I know that I'll be receiving a random assortment of miscellany from my wish list. Beyond that, as long as Sarah gets better and the various family gatherings (at mum's on Christmas day, my dad's side of the family on Boxing Day, and up at Sarah's mum's over the weekend) go well, I'll be happy.

The greatest Christmas moment on TV or film is....
I'm quite fond of the ending (by which I mean roughly the last half hour - "Wandsworth! The dodgy end!") of Love, Actually, which is one of my favourite films. And The Box of Delights is special too. And the Quantum Leap Christmas episode (the name of which, I'm ashamed to say, escapes me), and Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion just for David Tennant being wonderful. And of course The Next Doctor will be ace. I just know it will.

What do you have on top of your tree?
I don't have a tree.

What’s the best present you’ve bought for someone else this year?
I don't know, but I think I'd say the present Sarah and I have bought for her mum. Which I won't say exactly what it is just on the really vague off chance that she reads this ('cos so far we're keeping it a surprise, and it'd be a shame to let the cat out of the bag with only a couple of days to go...)

It’s midnight, Christmas Eve. Where are you?
Tomorrow, hopefully at Chelmsford Cathedral with my mum for the midnight service.

Christmas crackers: fun as long as you don’t have to wear the hat, or always a disappointment in the gift department?
Not bad, but I tend to avoid wearing the hats 'cos they're too small and give me a bit of a headache, which is not a good way to spend Christmas!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
Being with friends and family. Receiving nice presents. Seeing the looks on people's faces when they see the presents you've bought for them. Time off work. Roast turkey with all (or at least some of, me being such a faddy eater) the trimmings, then mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas pud. And - to get all spiritual - I find it good to think about Jesus and maybe go to a service or two or three. IMO.

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