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Christmas Eve miscellany

First of, happy birthday amberb_uk!!! Sorry it's a bit late, but it sounds like it's been a fairly good one, so *good*

Today's entry in the "eight days of happiness" meme will end up being posted tomorrow. Whether that's tomorrow tomorrow, or just after I get home really really tired from the midnight service at the cathedral, I know not.

By all accounts (i.e. about four review-lets of read of it on my Flist, and there may be others I've missed) it does rather sound as if Twilight is rather funny, not necessarily intentionally so. I am rather looking forward to seeing it, and even (despite all the negatives I've heard) to reading the book. Right now, the revised plan is that (given Sarah's absence) I'll be seeing it on Saturday night, after (hopefully) a day of housework.

And right now I'm in the middle of my own personal Christmas tradition - every Christmas Eve for the past nine years or so (excluding last year), I've had one of my infamous fish soups. Just finishing cooking that now, before heading off to mum's and thence to the midnight service.

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