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Eight days of happiness meme - parts 3 & 4

Christmas Eve

  • Did everything at work that I needed to do, and I'm only working one more day (next Tuesday) until January 5th. Be nice to have a break.
  • Had fish soup for dinner. I like my fish soup.
  • Managed - briefly - to get on top of the washing up. I know, house work (or at least getting it done) makes me happy.
  • The Christmas HIGNFY special was good fun. Loved the costumes, and it made me laugh.
  • Caught some of the Christmas Gavin & Stacey. I've never watched it properly, but it looked good, and I've heard really good things of it.
  • Went to the midnight service at the local Cathedral. A bit high church for me, but even so, it was nice to go there - went with my mum and my sister, and saw some old friends there which was nice. Good way to see in Christmas Day (those last two verses of O come, all ye faithful get to me every time...

Christmas Day

  • My mum. Took me all the way to Chorleywood and back. She's a star. Over this year, and particularly over the past couple of months or so, I've come to really appreciate my family a lot more than I had before, but my mum really is a star. She does so many good things for me.
  • Saw Sarah, however briefly. Did a little pressie exchange. She liked her presents (three David Attenborough DVDs which I'd bought from her wish list, and the Prince Caspian DVD and the Folklore of Discworld book). She and her mum had got me, between them, a digital photo frame and an 8GB flash card with loads of family photos loaded on to it. That was nice.
  • Christmas day with mum & Malcolm, Antonia & Richard, and Jakob & Eleni. Jakob received loads of presents and was full of beans, Eleni was crying a bit but when she settled down she was happy (although, as seems to be the way with young babies, manages to cultivate a very studious look). A lovely time, no arguments, and we were all happy, although I was still a bit tired from lack of sleep and spent a couple of hours in bed.
  • Received some wonderful presents - mainly stuff from my Amazon wish list - which I shall itemise in another post. People seemed to appreciate the presents we'd bought for them, including Malcolm (Spiral on DVD). Also Tim (I'd given him his present - the Peep Show script book - a couple of days ago, but he liked it, which is always nice).
  • Got home and saw the Christmas Doctor Who. Again, deserves a post of its own, but suffice it to say, I enjoyed it.

So yeah, two good days. I wonder what today will bring?

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