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Odds and ends...

Yesterday was the family gathering for my dad's side of the family. Mum gave me a lift there (as dad's having his house totally overhauled to deal with some subsidence issues, it was held at my aunt and uncle's in Witham). It was lovely to be with them all (although my cousin Karen, and her daughters, sadly weren't there). Received yet more pressies. Mostly stuff from my wish list, but a couple of surprises - my aunt Lynn had bought me the Doctor Who 2009 calendar (I'd been thinking about buying it in Sainsbury's the other night, but decided against it), and my sisters Emma and Jessica had got me Stephen Fry's Moab is my Washpot. Given that a.) I love Stephen Fry but b.) I don't have that particular book (but do have most of his others) that was quite a good choice! And I'm looking forward to reading it.

The RPG geek in me was entertained by this gift from my cracker - a spherical die. Basically, a D1, albeit for rolling numbers from 1 to 6.

Sarah's still ill, unfortunately, and advised against visiting her today. It ended up being a fairly sedentary day, although I popped into the town centre briefly. Thought about treating myself to some DVDs, but decided against it. Popped into Woolworths, which was a strange experience (there seemed to be more shoppers than stock), picked up some basic groceries, then ambled back home, where I've been watching the second series of Chuck.

Just saw a trailer for the new Philip Glenister series Demons, which looks like it could be rather good (although from the trailer, rather dark in tone for the timeslot), although a.) of course Tim would remind me that the job of the trailer is to make something look good even if it isn't, and b.) Glenister's American accent sounds a bit dubious... Also, I'm rather looking forward to tomorrow night's The Thirty Nine Steps (not least because it's got Rupert Penry-Jones in it), and to ITV's adap of Affinity, despite the trailer making it look a bit dull. The schedulers win no points for ensuring that those two clash...

Travelling up to Chorleywood to see Sarah tomorrow is probably a no-no - various rail replacement buses are in operation and the nationalrail.co.uk website projects the travel time to be about five hours each way, which is, frankly, ludicrous. So tomorrow will (hopefully) be spent on housework, and I might go out to see Twilight, 'cos I could do with a laugh.

Plans for Monday involve going to East Ham for The Who Shop's Nicholas Courtney signing, and then popping over to Chorleywood to spend some of the afternoon with Sarah.

And *eep* I've just learned from the website that on Saturday 24th January The Who Shop are holding a signing by David Morrissey. Erm...I'm not doing anything that day, I hope...

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