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New Year's Resolutions 2009

Start every day with a reading from Lucas on Life, Every Day

Go to the morning meeting with Oasis every Sunday

Meet up with small group every other Thursday (might need to drop Gordon and Sally an email to check when they're next meeting).

Do half an hour of tidying up every day. When the easy stuff has been done, move on to the difficult - e.g., piles of paperwork that need to be sorted through.

Catalogue one video tape every day. Import contents into computer and convert to .avi file. Burn to disc where possible (e.g., complete series to a DVD-R, 90-ish-minute TV movies or one-offs to a CD-R)

Try to pack at least one photocopy-paper-size box of things for moving house per week (start with CDs and tapes; move on to books; then DVDs - both bought DVDs and DVD-Rs)

Diet - regular meals at regular times. No in-between-meals snacking. Try to avoid eating out unless absolutely unavoidable.

Take anti-depressants once per day

Take MetFormin twice per day

See Doctor/nurse on fairly regular basis

Get back into going to gym, again on fairly regular basis

Get back into writing diary entries, maybe two per day. (More would be nice.)

Save money

But buy one item from Amazon wish list per week (starting with the really cheap ones - the ones that are £1:00 or less from Amazon Market Place).

Finish watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Finish watching Angel

Watch through the stack of DVDs on top of my TV that are waiting to be watched! Maybe one episode/film per day?

Speaking of stacks of things, you see that mound of books next to your bed that fell on you on Christmas Eve? Try, like, reading them..?

Get married. This is going to happen anyway, but hey.

Learn at least one computer language (C++ or C# seem like fairly good bets)

Take and pass driving theory test

Take and pass driving practical test

Have at least one decent holiday, involving going somewhere away from home for a week of not doing anything too energetic (conventions don't count) with Sarah.

Treat Sarah well. I hope I do this anyway,

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