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He is like snow and ice and other cold stuff...

Just watched a repeat of the Top Gear Polar challenge on BBC3 and...OMG. Absolutely hysterical, and also thrilling and thought-provoking. Not, I'll freely admit, one of my main fandoms, but nevertheless a great way of spending an hour. And very slashy too...do they...realise???

Today's been another good day. Hopefully this is very much a case of starting 2009 as I mean to go on.

Sarah's still ill, but the Met line or Chiltern trains willing, I'll be popping up to Chorleywood to spend tomorrow with her. And then watching the Doctor Who Confidential special when I get home. And Demons.

Hopefully Sunday morning will be spent at Oasis for the first time in about 14 months...
Tags: life, slash, television, top gear
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