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Oh yes, he is.

So, it appears that the casting of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor has been rather, um, controversial. Not sure why. For me it's more a case of, "oh, who's he?", seeing as I'm totally unfamiliar with his work (something I plan to put right by getting hold of a copy of Party Animals asap, and possibly The Ruby in the Smoke). The only real negative that I can see is he's not Chiwetel Ejeiofor (for whom I'd rather built up my hopes), but then that would have been true of most of the other actors who were mooted in the press, with one obvious exception. And hey, he may be not very well known, and fairly young and not terribly experienced, but he is an actor. ISTR back in 2003 when RTD was getting the new series off the ground, that some papers were suggesting that maybe Paul Daniels could be the Doctor. *ahem*

Oh, and Demons. Another case of building my hopes up. I don't know if it might have been better if Glenister hadn't played it with that bizarre pseudo-American accent, but quite frankly, that's an hour of my life I'll never get back...

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