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And speaking of other factors allowing...

...tomorrow Sarah and I are going househunting.

The plans have changed somewhat since this time last year - we're going to be looking for somewhere to rent (not buy) in Bishop's Stortford (not Letchworth). Sarah still hopes to move in fairly soon (old romantic that she isn't she suggested that on Valentine's weekend I could be helping her move in...) and I'll join her sometime later in the year, probably c. August. I'm quite looking forward to it - for one thing, Bishop's Stortford is on a bus route that goes, via Stansted airport, to my place of work near Broomfield Hospital, and into Chelmsford. So when Sarah's settled, I can potentially visit her after work some days. And also when I'm moved in, it removes the pressure on me to have passed my driving test in order to commute to work (which I'd've pretty much had to do if we ended up in Letchworth). Although I hope to have passed my test anyway by then.

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Or, um, something... *g*
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