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Productive evening.

I've just spent a pleasant hour going through piles of old paperwork and, basically, chucking a lot of it away, or it least putting it in a pile of things to be shredded. All manner of old stuff - bank statements, credit card bills, pay slips, going back as much as 14 years in some cases. So, chuck 'em. Less stuff to pack in boxes when it comes to moving in with Sarah. A bit of emo angsty stuff in there, some memories brought back - I'm amazed a coped in 1999/2000, to be honest. Actually, no, strike that - I don't think I did cope. AAAAARRGGGHHH

Also...I've got a tape of the BBC2 extended edition (40 minutes) of Boris Johnson's second go of hosting HIGNFY, back in 2003, but the quality is pretty iffy for the first 20 minutes or so, and then totally breaks up for the rest of it. So I thought, I'll use the really extended DVD version (about 90 minutes) to cobble together a clean version of the extended edition for my collection.

You'd think it'd be easy, but I've just spend 15 minutes putting together 30 seconds worth 'cos there's all manner of cutaways to cover edits, some of which I can just about match in iMovie, but really it's just not worth the effort, frankly. I hate Mykola Pawluk, or whoever was editing the show back in those days. [No, okay, I don't really hate people, but even so it's darned annoying...]

Of course, if anyone's got the broadcast extended edition and could make me a nice copy, I'd love them to bits eternally.

Now to have some dinner and watch Supernatural

Speaking of Supernatural, I notice from the Radio Times that season 4 starts airing on ITV2 next Sunday evening at 9:00pm.

It's good, nay great. But don't watch it. There's something much better on BBC3... (Points at userpic. Hint. Hint.)

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