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The imminent move is imminent...

Sarah & I went to Bishop's Stortford again yesterday, where she signed various bits of paper at the letting agents. Allowing for references and stuff being sorted out, she'll be travelling over there again on February 5th to get the keys, and then over the weekend she's hiring a van and we're going to be lugging stuff from her mum's, and from the lock-up in Barking. We went over to the lock-up yesterday afternoon to start sorting stuff out. We're not taking everything, mainly some furniture (the bed, primarily), kitchen stuff and DVDs at the moment, but to make things easier we sorted through all the boxes and worked out which ones needed to go with us and which ones could be left behind.

We're hoping that in one of the boxes are some John Lewis vouchers which Sarah was given by her place of employ (I think it was a sort of thank-ee for working for 'em for ten years), with which she's hoping to buy a.) a flatscreen TV and b.) a butterfly table (I think that's what she called it) and some chairs, for the kitchen. We looked through a fair few boxes that we'd decided we weren't taking with us for those blessed vouchers and they didn't turn up, so I darned well hope they're in one of the remaining boxes!

Today, Sarah's been fixing her mum's computer, and Tim's gone out, leaving me home alone. Spent the morning slaving over a hot shredder (literally a hot shredder...I hope I've not damaged it through overuse). All the paperwork I sorted out last week has now been shredded, that needed to be. So that feels rather satisfying. There's still more to be sorted through, but I feel I've made a good start. Hopefully I can have sifted through all of my possessions and be ready to move in with Sarah by about August. It feels less impossible now!

Now watching Tutti Frutti, thinking it's high time I had dinner, and looking forward eagerly to Being Human.


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