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So, yesterday I pulled a load of books off the shelf ready to box them up and put them...either in the lock-up in Barking, or in a loft somewhere.

Before that, though, decided to add them all on my Librarything.

And I couldn't help thinking, haven't I got more Grange Hill novels than that? I was a looking at a GH fansite, and I'm sure I had about half a dozen, not just a couple - some of those pics I'm absolutely sure are books that I've owned, read, had on my shelves. I guess it's possible that I might have chucked them when I went through a "not terribly bothered about it" phase, but then, why did those two survive?

Hmm. It's annoying.

Still, if that's the worst thing I've got to worry about it, I've got a pretty good life.

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