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Gotta be honest, although I enjoyed the first episode of Being Human last week, I didn't find it quite in the same league as the pilot - good, but not great, and certainly didn't excite me.

The second episode, though, rather blew me away. Great piece of television, powerful drama, well written, well acted, funny, exciting, dramatic, everything I'd been hoping for after the pilot. Really wonderful.

I'll give up now before I run out of superlatives.

That aside, it's been generally quite a good day - got a fair bit of tidying up done, getting some more books and some magazines put into boxes. Then went out for lunch with Sarah - we went to the local Harvester where I had chicken and Sarah had scampi. And I also had a measure of whisky, a Glenfiddich. My first proper taste of alcohol. It was...rather strong. But it's something I'm determined to develop some sort of taste for. Dunno why, it's just something that kind of appeals to me.

After that, Sarah and I went wedding ring browsing. Didn't buy any, but we've decided that we quite like the idea of Russian wedding rings. Either that, or something with a celtic design would be nice.

Then we spent some time shnuggling together before Sarah left, fairly early as she didn't want to be driving home in the dark, particularly not with the threat of snow.

(And it has snowed. And settled. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Which is either a month and a half late, or almost 11 months early, I can't quite work out which...)

Finished watching Tutti Frutti, which was a bit disappointing - I remember it as being far more feelgood in tone from when I first saw it (which I think must have been its one and only repeat, about 21 years ago). If anything it was rather grim and bleak, and a bit depressing.

OTOH, started watching Party Animals - quite enjoying it, on the basis of the first couple of episodes. I like that Matt Smith guy. I wonder if he's going to be appearing in anything interesting in the near future..? *g*

Been importing the contents of loads of video tapes into the computer for burning to disc. Found one tape which has about 55 minutes of this, but is missing the first five minutes or so. Don't suppose anyone out there has the full thing and could run me off a copy, do they? All help gratefully received.

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