David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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The semi-regular "I've just got the latest Radio Times" post...

...there's rather a nice interview with Neil Tennant (the "One Final Question" interview, just inside the back cover. Nice picture.

As well as the usual (more Being Human and QI, and Moses Jones and Whitehcapel coming to a close), I note that Mission Impossible 3 is being shown on Channel 4 next Sunday evening, and the cast (to my surprise) includes Simon Pegg. *eep* Might set the video for that. Also Jerry McGuire is on after it, and IIRC I've heard good things about that so I might set the vid for that too.

And I've had yet another idea for a fanvid that I'll probably never get round to making, this one setting clips of Mitchell and Lauren from Being Human to the song Vampires by Pet Shop Boys.
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