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Gacked from beren_writes. Because quite frankly, there is not enough fluff around.

♥Fluff Friday♥

Tomorrow may be Friday the 13th, but rather than it being a day of DOOMTM some of us would like to make it a day of FLUFF.

The idea is this:

Let's make fandom as a whole smile and go awww. And when I say 'as a whole' I mean fandom as it encompasses all of us whether we be RPSers, Harry Potter fans, Merlin fans ... any one at all.

  • Tomorrow, post fluff in your LJ with "Fluff Friday" at the top in big letters. Pure fluff, smutty fluff, flangst - anything as long as it has The Fluff :).

    • If you write and feel up do doing a new ficlet then do so, any fandom, any pairing, any rating.
    • If you don't feel up to writing or are a reader then rec your favourite fluff fic, telling us why you love it.

  • Then link back to where you picked up Fluff Friday from your post and post a comment on their entry so we are all joined like one big spider's web of fluff.

This was inspired by lirren's posts about bringing the love back to fandom. There are terrible things going on in the world and wank a plenty all over everyone's fandoms, but for one day, let's just go with the fluff. Please consider playing along. *hugs*

If you would like to bully talk your flists into playing too, here is the code for this announcement:


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