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Totally geeky post

So, as those of you who read my LJ regularly will know, I've become quite keen on LibraryThing lately. These days, I'm adding books to it as a prelude to packing them up in boxes and possibly not seeing them again for a couple of years.

I tend to be a bit pedantic about the cover art - if the cover(s) they've got on LT isn't an accurate representation of the edition of the book that I own, and if it isn't a particularly high resolution, then I also scan my copy of the book cover and upload it to the site.

The other day, though, I hit a bit of a problem. One of the books in my collection is the James Bond RPG. My copy of it, unfortunately, is really rather faded, to the point where the flesh tones are pretty much cyan, and it's also held together with bits of sellotape. Ideally, I'd like the cover art on LT to reflect what the book looked like in its prime, but sadly the only copy I can find online is really rather small, and when blown up to the size I like to work with it's rather blocky and lacking in definition.

I started doing a bit of work in GimpShop with my scan of the cover in an attempt to restore the colour, but it wasn't really working. Then I got to thinking. I have one high quality scan that's virtually monotone, and one low quality scan in bright, vibrant colour.

What does that remind me of?

Oh yes...

So, a bit of work in GimpShop aligning the two covers (not perfectly - they're still a little bit out of sync with each other, but there doesn't seem to be much I can do about that), produced this, which I'm really rather happy with. Heck, you can even read the ISBN number.

Of course, when it's uploaded to LT it probably won't make much difference. But I'm satisfied with it, and that's what matters.

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