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#And if I drove a faster car, I'd drive it bloody well.#

So, over the weekend, it occurred to us that we'd not heard back from the DSA or BSM regarding my driving theory test.

So Sarah rang 'em yesterday, and sent me an email to let me know that it had been booked for Thursday 19th.

I emailed back - that's Thursday 19th March, right, not Thursday-two-days-time?

A few minutes later, a 'phone call - "I don't want to panic you, but..."

That's right, two letters that as far as anyone can tell should have been sent - one from the DSA to me, one from BSM to Sarah, have apparently gone missing (or not been sent). If I hadn't done the whole "we should have heard by now" and if Sarah hadn't rung them, tomorrow would've been and gone and I'd've been none the wiser.

Mind you, now that I know about it, I'm a bit panic-y. Taking the day off work, going to BSM a bit ahead of the test to do a dummy test and some hazard perception practice, and then probably going home afterwards to relax. Hopefully I'll pass. My driving instructor certainly thinks I've got a good chance (as, from what I've read in the theory book that Sarah got me last birthday but one, do I...but I still reserve the right to panic).

And of course hopefully after that, we'll start working towards a practical test.

Tonight, meanwhile, will be spent watching the Brit awards, or at least the last half hour or so thereof, because PET SHOP BOYS FTW!!!


(Oh, and let's see if anyone gets the relevance of the title of this entry...)

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