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Oh, rats.

Have a headache. Forgot to take Citalopram yesterday, despite reminding myself to do so on several occasions. Don't feel too bad, thankfully, but quite frankly would rather be at home in bed rather than at work. Went out for a meal at The Hare with my mum last night, which was fun - had a good long chat about her progress with her family history research - she's managed to get one branch of her family back to the mid/late-1700s, when, at St George's, Hanover Square, a George Hardiman (an ancestor of mum's paternal grandfather) married a Jane Evans. Which, apart from being a surreally triggering mixture of the names of my ex- and my darling fiancée, led her to wonder if maybe my quest to find if I've got Welsh ancestry may be about to bear fruit after all.

I've worked out that I can just about, at a pinch, afford a ticket for the Pet Shop Boys O2 gig. If there are any still available when I get home, I might bite the bullet. Or I might leave it until next Monday, by which time there'll be only four days left until payday.

This weekend should be fun - Sarah's coming down to Chelmsford, where we're going to BSM to buy something - anything - to help me with the hazard perception thingy, and then popping to Clinton's to pick up an anniversary card for my grandparents (they celebrated 65 years yesterday. I hope Sarah and I get that far! Although if we do, I'll be 104, which seems...unlikely) and a birthday card for my brother-in-law, who is 40 tomorrow; then back to Bishop's Stortford where we'll be putting Sarah's bed together (so far she's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor).

The Sunday morning we'll be at The Community Church for the second of two preaches about building a strong marriage - we went to the first one last Sunday, since it seemed a sensible thing to do. Very welcoming bunch, and I'm looking forward to settling there when I'm based permanently in Bishop's Stortford. And on Sunday evening there's a little family gathering to celebrate my grandparents' wedding anniversary.

Hoping that some of the time on Saturday and Sunday will be spent either chilling at Sarah's watching DVDs (We're meaning to watch Wall-E at some point, I keep trying to tempt Sarah with Finding Nemo, and I'd love to show her a few episodes of Chuck - I just know she'll love Chuck versus Tom Sawyer, if nothing else...), or possibly going for a walk in the park.

Monday morning I'm staying at Sarah's 'cos she's expecting a delivery from John Lewis and she can't take the time off work herself. Whether I go in to work depends on how late the delivery is, although quite frankly I've booked the day off and it'd be useful to spend it productively at home.

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