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Heroes thinky thought.

I've kind of lost tracked (and yeah, I could go look it up on Wikipedia, but I cannae be bothered), but - is it me or is the BBC even less behind the US airings, now that they're transmitting on Monday nights?

Enjoyed last night's BBC2 episode (but really couldn't be bothered staying up late for the BBC3 ep, as I was frankly exhausted from a busy day). A thought Tim had and I agreed - they were playing it out as if the plane was in a vacuum, but surely if it was that close to crashing (indeed I didn't think the events were taking place long after take-off), that shouldn't have been the case, surely?

And a lame I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue-style joke inspired by the title of last night's episode:

"Introducing Mr & Mrs Andpresentdanger, and their daughter, Claire Andpresentdanger." *


I'll get me coat.


*Sarah knows someone called Gordon Bennett. What an evil sense of humour his parents must have had.

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