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Weekend-y update

Sarah and I had a fairly pleasant weekend. Mind you, I had an unpleasant surprise when I woke up on Saturday morning - an admittedly rather large stack of boxes full of books and magazines had collapsed in the night. This was Very Annoying.

Anyhew, Sarah came down and picked up those boxes (when I'd repacked, and in some case replaced, them), and also some that were round at mum's. This had the pleasant side-effect that we were able to say "hi" to Malcolm, who'd returned from Thailand yesterday evening, and seemed heavily tanned and reasonably cheerful and un-jetlagged, considering.

Then down to the lock-up in Barking to leave the boxes there, and also picked up a rug for the lounge, and the hoover (because we can't keep borrowing mum's Henry). Had a quick Nando's and then headed back to Bishop's Stortford via a stop-off at B&Q where Sarah tried to get a sort of round metal framework thing to go round the washbasin in the bathroom to store soap and flannels and bottles and things (she had two at her place in Barking, but left them there when she moved out; unfortunately B&Q don't sell the things she was after, but we know Homebase do; however we couldn't be bothered making the extra stop), and did get a stepladder that she's going to use to access the loft at Bishop's Stortford.

Back in Bishop's Stortford, Sarah did a bit of washing up whilst I went out for a brief shop, picking up some wrapping paper and sellotape so that we could wrap George and Gwyn's belated Christmas present, a couple of Salvation Army CDs (Sarah had ordered them, and they arrived, before Christmas, but then got left on her desk at work when she had her extended leave of illness); and also some satsumas for sharing with George & Gwyn, and a tiny bit of grocery shopping for myself. Oh, and the latest White Dwarf for Sarah, and the latest Attitude magazine for m'self (has an interview with one of the guys who's in the Milk film, as well as an interview and some pics of Nicholas Hoult; if anyone's interested I'm sure I could scan them..?)

Sarah had been going to watch the Six Nations, until we discovered that it's not on until next weekend.

Anyhew, George and Gwyn (that's my uncle and aunt - my dad's brother and his wife) came round and we had an enjoyable chat over tea and biscuits and nuts and fruit. They were pleased with their Christmas present.

Original plan had been for me to stay overnight at Sarah's, but as I've got a fair bit of work to do at home, I decided to go back home. Sarah let me drive, which was nice. Even if I still don't understand why on certain stretches of road the speed limit is actually far higher that is safe. I mean, would it kill them, on (say) a particularly sharp bend to change the sign to read "20"? Tch.

Ended up not making it out to the morning service on Sunday, but instead did a fair bit of tidying up, washing up, work on the computer (sorting out some of my videos and entering details of some books onto LibraryThing), and generally felt very happy and fulfilled. Sarah came round at 1:00pm and we went out for a meal. Ended up going to Loch Fyne, and had a very pleasant meal - I always like it there, although it's probably a bit too expensive to be anything more than an occasional thing. Mind you, on Wednesday night they're doing some live music. It's tempting. We've been saying that we'll have to go and see some live music and theatre in Bishop's Stortford (I'm sure I've passed a pub advertising a regular live jazz evening which would be right up our street).

Unfortunately, although the day had started out fairly pleasant, some rather heavy rain started up when we were in Loch Fyne, and was still battering down fairly heavily when we left. Although that didn't stop us from going home via Pro Nuptia where we had a look (through the window) at some rather nice suits, one of which we're giving some serious thought to me wearing for the wedding.

On the subject of the wedding, the invitations have arrived, and look really lovely, and we're adding addresses to the guest list and will be writing and sending the invitations next weekend. Which I'm looking forward to. By the way - magic_at_mungos, we'd like to invite you if you can make it (it's on September 19th) - could you drop me a line with your address? Cheers.

Back home, I showed Sarah the Chuck episode Chuck versus Tom Sawyer, which she enjoyed in general, particularly when a certain song by Stan Bush featured in the soundtrack, but then she had to head for home as she needed to be back in Bishop's Stortford in time to pick up some clothes from the launderette.

When she'd left I watched Chuck versus the Third Dimension, and then did a bit more tidying and cleaning, and then over dinner I settled down to watch Victoria Wood with all the Trimmings, an old Christmas special of Miss Wood's which I'd recently transferred to DVD-R. However, apart from the fact that the tape had a fair bit of drop-out, and the resulting .avi file was a bit glitchy in places, it was quite frankly not all that much cop. Tim felt the same - very disappointing compared to her ...as seen on TV material. Mind you, you'd have to go a long way to beat The Ballad of Barry and Freda... Anyway, watched the DVD of Drop the Dead Donkey series 6 instead, and that was good fun.

So yeah, a nice weekend.

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