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Last night I watched the American episode of Top Gear, because I decided I needed a bit of a laugh. It was good fun. Tim enjoyed it too, although he'd seen it before. I'd quite like to go round America with a car daubed with "Man-love rules OK" on it. Even if I suspect I would get a bit of a pummelling. I'm looking forward to heading out there with Sarah at the end of May. Sarah's talking about renting a car when we get out there, so we'll get a bit of a taste of America when we're not actually at the convention.

Speaking of cars, I have a driving lesson tonight. My next theory test is less than a couple of weeks away, and I haven't done any practice on the hazard perception bit. *ulp*

For some reason, didn't watch Heroes last night. Doesn't help that I'm still a bit behind, having missed the second episode of the latest batch and then been a bit confused when I watched the third - who's where? Who's still got their abilities? What is the state of play with Peter? Should Sylar still actually be alive? I think that when I've got a free weekend I might do a proper catch up session.

Watched the new Stewart Lee programme, and quite enjoyed that. Couldn't help thinking that his delivery and accent made him sound a bit like Andy Zaltzman. y/n?

Anyway - time I headed off to work. I'm up to Nottingham tomorrow, so I probably need a nice early night tonight.

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