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Me me me meme

'Cos I'm bored.

01. I call myself: David
02. I am this old: 39
03. I hate it when: People treat me like sh*t
04. I love it when: I get to spend time with Sarah. Also, listening to ISIHAC, The Now Show, or anything else funny is good.
05. My favourite thing to drink is: Ribena, lemon barley water, water, tea.
06. My favourite food is: My fish soup concoction. Margherita pizza (Dominos or Pizza Hut, ideally). Grilled turkey, potatoes and peas and lashings of salad cream. Nando's chicken.
07. I am this tall: 6'0"
08. I weigh this much: Too much.
09. My favourite shoes to wear are: Just shoes - don't have much of an opinion.
10. My favourite article of clothing is: Jeans, jumper
11. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is: Turn on the heating, faff around on the computer, ideally a bit of Bible reading, shower, breakfast, head to work.
12. The last thing I do before I go to bed is: Say "g'night" to Tim.

Shower Time
01. I take baths or showers: Showers.
02. My favorite soap to use is: Imperial Leather.
03. I use this shampoo: I use Radox shower gel.
04. I use this conditioner: Shampoo and conditioner? Take two bottles into the shower?
05. I use a comb or a brush: Brush
06. I blow dry my hair or let it air dry: I just let it dry naturally.
07. I use this kind of shaving gel/cream: Tesco's cheap stuff, normally.
08. My toothpaste is: Sainsbury's minty stripe gel thing.
09. My toothbrush is this colour: Red.
10. I like hot or cold showers: Hot.
11. What I think about in the shower: Varies. What I've got to do in the day ahead normally figures highly.
12. My favorite thing about the shower is: Just the opportunity for a bit of stillness and solitude.
13. I listen to this kind of music when in the shower: I don't actually listen to music, but I'll often sing, hum or whistle. And whatever I sing, hum or whistle ends up mutating into the theme tune from the Smurfs. Don't ask, I've no idea.
14. I lock the bathroom door when in the shower: Well, yes. Unless I'm in the house alone.

ElementaryPrimary School:
01. My mum drove me to school or I rode the bus: IIRC my sister and I got a lift from a family friend whose daughters went to the same school. Although I also have recollections of sometimes going by bus, and sometimes my mum meeting me from school (although I don't think she could've given me a lift, as I'm pretty sure she didn't pass her test until after I'd left that school).
02. I went to kindergarten and my teacher’s name was: Is kindergarten kind of like play group? If so, yes, and I've no idea.
03. My favourite teacher was: I can't remember. Mrs Armishaw is the one whose name I remember ('cos my mum always used to refer to her as "Mrs Armitrading"), but there was one in my fourth year who I really liked but whose name I forget.
04. My least favourite teacher was: I wouldn't say I had one.
05. My first field trip was to: Can't remember.
06. My favourite field trip was to: Kentwell Hall. Well, I say that now, but apparently at the time I hated it.
07. What I remember most about primary school is: Generally enjoying it. Oh, and the time I fell over and bashed my knee on a breeze block and ended up with a really nasty gash on it so I went home early and the next day all the other kids gave me lovely "get well soon" cards.
08. I attended this primary school: Chelmsford Cathedral primary school for a couple of years, and Meadgate Junior School for four years.

High School:
01. My favourite subject in high school was: Didn't really have one. Maths and English, I guess. Spanish too. History was kind of okay.
02. My favourite teacher(s) was/were: Again, didn't really have one.
03. My least favourite teacher(s) was/were: Mr Dare-Edwards. He sometimes taught us French (although his main subject, IIRC, was German), but he wasn't terribly good at keeping control of the more unruly elements, which as I tended to want to try to pay attention (despite not being very good) wasn't terribly helpful.
04. We had this many class periods: Can't remember. Probably 6 or 7 per day.
05. My favourite activity in high school: None, really.
06: I was in the band and I played: Wasn't in the band, but I played piao.
07. I did marching band and was in squad number(s): Nope.
08. I was in this school play(s): Nope, although I've still got an LP of the main school production, which was a musical written by a couple of the staff.
09. I was in this crowd at school: The out crowd, mostly. Used to hang around with a guy called Nick.
10. I had detention this many times: Not sure. I don't remember having detention, but I may have done.
11. I drove to school: Nope, got the bus.
12. I skipped class this many times: Actual class? No. Although Friday afternoon, last period was always either community service or CCF. I stayed in the toilet. Never got caught. Quite impressed with that.
13. I was always late for class: Not always, although I remember once or twice being on a really late bus.
14. Best friend in high school: Nick.
15. Name the guys/girls you dated: Didn't, as it was an all boys school
16. Name the guys/girls you wanted to date: None. There was a girl at my church youth club who I had the hots for, but that's another story.
17. I went to prom with: Didn't have a prom.
18. I went to this many football games: Well, I played in some - sports (on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon) was compulsory, and there was one famous occasion (well, famous to me) when I was in goal and our team won 17-1. Which is less impressive than it sounds, as the ball only came to our half of the pitch on the one occasion...
19. My favourite trip was: We didn't really do trips.
20. I was in the headmaster's office this many times: At least once.
21. What I miss most about high school: Not much - I didn't really enjoy it at all. There were some good folks there (Nick, aegelfinus), but my memory is mainly of being rubbish at classes and picked on by most of the kids.
22. What I don’t miss at all about high school: Most of it, really.
23. I will/was remembered for: I've no idea.
24. I graduated in: Well, I finished in 1986. Which isn't the same as graduation.
25. I was _ out of _ in my class: Erm, meep? What?
26. My GPA was: No idea, this must be an American thing.
27. I went to this high school: Brentwood school. The posh one, also attended by (not at the same time as me) Noel Edmonds, Griff Rhys Jones, Jack Straw (IIRC), and some bloke who wrote a mildly successful radio series about a guy called Arthur Dent whose planet gets demolished.

01. I still write letters and mail them out: These days I tend to use email, but back in the day I had a fair few penfriends and used to snail mail them quite a bit.
02. I spend this much time online a day: Too much.
04. My favorite place to travel to is: Bishop's Stortford, 'cos it's where Sarah is. Quite fond of Wales too.
05. My favorite phrase is: "Where am I going, and what am I doing in this handbasket?"
06. My favorite quote is: "You know, you're a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain."
07. I really want to go here someday: Egypt, Scotland, the Lake District.
08. I live in a(n) house, trailer, apartment, townhouse, condo: House.
09. I’ve always wanted to own one of these: Well, "always" would be stretching it, but I wouldn't say no to an iPhone.
10. My most treasured item is: Don't really have a most treasured item, although I'm too materialistic by far.
11. My goals in life are: Learn to program a computer - possibly with a view to a career change. Although I'm also thinking of being an evangelist.
12. My favorite sport to watch is: Welsh rugby, but that's only 'cos of Sarah.
13. The friend I couldn’t live without: Sarah.
14. I collect this/these: Books, CDs, videos, DVDs.
15. This is on my walls: Odds and ends - a Doctor Who poster, a Ross Noble poster from a gig we went to (signed), an enlargement of a pic I once took of Charlotte Coleman (which unfortunately weighs too much for the blu-tac and keeps falling off the wall...)
16. The thing that drives me completely crazy is: Homophobia. Bigotry in general.

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