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David Brider

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...so, at Sarah's suggestion and encouragement, I went to see her nutritionist today, and I've started on something vaguely approaching a diet of sorts (which, let's face it, I really need to).

Three mean reasons - first, quite simply, I'm ludicrously overweight, and would like to get to a point where I'm thinner for my health's sake and my general sense of self-esteem. Also, I'd quite like to look a bit trimmer for the wedding. Second, for Sarah and any children we might have in the future. And thirdly, because after the disappointment that was 1986, I'd like to be around when this comes back, and that's going to mean living to 92 at least. And yes, I'm serious - I know, it might sound like a really trivial reason to want to live to 92, but there y'go.
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