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Birthdays and '60s kids' TV squee!

April and May are quite full months for birthdays - my dad's (to whom, um, I forgot to send a card), my sister's (tomorrow - still haven't *got* a card, but as she's off to Wales for the weekend I've got a few days' grace on that front), Jakob's on the 30th, Sarah's on May 12th, and my stepdad's on the 13th. And my cousin Kit (my stepdad's nephew) and his wife are expecting their first child some time around the end of this month.

Anyway, I've sorted out Sarah's present, I know what I'm getting my stepdad, mum's getting something for my sister to which I'm making a contribution, and...

...yesterday the first part of Jakob's present arrived.

The Trumptonshire trilogy on DVD.

On the grounds that I liked it when I was his age, so hopefully he will as well. (There's just a possibility that Tim and I might watch it before I wrap it for Jakob. Just a possibility, you understand, nothing definite...)

The second part of the present has yet to arrive, but hopefully will by the weekend. There's a story there.

When I was a nipper - about two or three years old - one of the books that was read to me very often was a Camberwick Green book, Mr Crockett's Mistake. One day, in front of several of my family, my mum was getting ready to read it to me, and instead I recited it to her from memory.

Apparently. I have no recollection of the event.

Anyway, in the interests of passing on the flame, I thought it would be nice to give Jakob a copy of said book, so I pootled along to Amazon Marketplace. Where copies of it were going for around £20:00 - £30:00! Fortunately I managed to find a copy for selling for a mere £7:00.

I hope he likes it! I have high hopes of him reciting it by heart one day, 'cos he's a bright lad.

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