David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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I don't need this pressure on me...

I don't exactly have the wildest, most exciting of social lives in the world (Tuesday: driving lesson; Wednesday: driving lesson; Thursday: Go to registry office and register intent to marry, followed by community group meeting; Friday: um, nothing, but new series of HIGNFY starts, so YAY!).

And as long term readers of this 'ere blog know, I likes meself a good quiz night.

But even so, I'm a little bit narked that I've committed myself to going to a quiz tonight.

That's tonight.

Tonight, as in "when this starts".

It'd better be a seriously good quiz.

Heck, we'd better win

Mind you, I did suggest to Tim that maybe we could go in our best '80s togs.

If I actually had any, that could be a plan.
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