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This is just wonderful

Apparently loads of Chuck fans - and Zachary Levi - were all kinds of cool at the weekend in Birmingham.

I so hope it gets renewed for a third season. I will sulk in the general direction of NBC if it doesn't.

I can't help thinking that what Chuck really needs is to get shown by one of the non-digisatcable channels in the UK. I'm absolutely convinced that if it was shown at, say, 9:00pm on BBC2 it's got the potential to be as popular as Heroes (possibly moreso, in that whilst Heroes is recognisably a sci-fi/fantasy genre show, Chuck is more a spy/comedy/romance, and as such it might have a slightly broader appeal...particularly as it doesn't show any signs of doing an X-Files and disappearing up its own arc). I've a vague recollection that when Quantum Leap was in danger of cancellation, it was helped by British fans campaigning. I've no doubt something similar could happen to Chuck if only it reached a wider audience.

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