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This may not be exactly an original observation - to the extent that I may have made it myself on this 'ere very journal - but y'know that thing where you put a CD in your computer's CD drive and iTunes handily looks up a database to tell you what CD you've just put in...well, I swear the people who fill in the "Genre" field must be on something heavy duty, probably illegal, and possibly highly corrosive. Either that, of they're just taking the mickey. I mean, Beverley Craven's music could not even by the slimmest of margins be described as "rock", and Daniel Bedingfield's Gotta Get Thru This is definitely not "Easy Listening".

I had to giggle, though, at whoever had decided that one of Martyn Joseph's CD singles deserved the tag "unclassifiable". Because to a certain extent - and I mean this in a good way - he is a bit.

I'm still quite fond of the label Tim came up with to describe All About Eve's music: Pseudo hippy gothic folk rock & blues, which I think covers all the bases...

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