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Eye eye...

Okay, so around Saturday evening I noticed my left eye seemed to be a bit sore, but paid it no mind. The next morning, it seemed to have got a bit worse, and Tim confirmed that the eyelid appeared to be swollen. This morning, it was giving me some serious pain - it felt like I had a bit of grit in it. Just been to A&E and it turns out I have a small scratch, I guess on the cornea - the doctor I saw showed me a little diagram and drew the scratch at about the 3:00 mark on the iris.

Anyway, he's given me some ointment to apply to it, which is going to be, um, interesting. I've just applied the first batch (I've got to do this six-hourly) and, um, I can hardly see a thing out of my left eye - it's all horribly blurred. Hopefully just the after-effects of the ointment.

Thankfully, I still have my right eye.

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