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Ooh, you are a card...

Christmas cards. Birthday cards. Postcards. It's reached the stage of The Big Clearout, where I have to start being ruthless and say that, even though I'm sure the person who sent it to me would probably be highly offended to think I was throwing it away, I haven't actually looked at it in five, ten, fifteen years or more and I can't really justify dragging it with me to Bishop's Stortford. New home. Time for a new start.


Anyone know of anywhere that recycles old cards? My mum used to be - but isn't any more - involved with a group who would stick the fronts of old cards onto some coloured card to make new cards for charity. Does anyone do anything like that? If so, it'd be useful to know. I can just chuck them into the recycling bag, but that feels a bit naff.

Anyway, I can see more of my bedroom floor. Progress is being made.


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