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David Brider

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At the moment...

I'm on Romford station. The journey here from N16 (I left at 10:30), despite not being particularly long in miles, has involved a bus to Liverpool Street (crowded and noisy), tube to Newbury Park (sat next to someone who kept falling asleep on me), and a bus to Romford (next to some people having a conversation about football in which every other word was "f***ing". Goodness knows what joys await me on the train to Chelmsford. Which isn't due until 12:20, so I probably won't get home until 1:00am. I dread to think what state I'll be in in the morning...which as "tomorrow" involves washing lots of clothes, packing for America and then hopefully taking loads of boxes to the lock-up before staying with Sarah overnight, does not bode well...

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